Vintage Photo Effects

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Taking a photograph of a moment is arguably the best way to capture it. However, an untouched photo often seems mundane in comparison to one that has been edited. While there are many ways to breathe new life into photos, the trend nowadays seems to be the use of vintage and retro effects. These effects hold the power to transport one to another era, just by looking at a photograph.

There are several apps compatible with both PCs and smartphones you can use to achieve the effect. Just by tapping away a few times, these apps will take care of the color correction, lighting adjustments, and contrast balance, as you swipe to find the perfect fit for your photo.

If you would like to go vintage with your photos, here are the best programs and apps you can use:


No matter what camera you have, Luminar edits your photos in a way that ensures they come out great. You can either choose a preset, filter, texture, or a creative combination of all three to make your photos look vintage. There are over sixty presets to choose from and each one is made to invoke the feeling of nostalgia. For those who are better off manually editing their photos, the vintage filters that can be tweaked to fit your aesthetic.

In addition to these, textures like gritty paper or exposed film add an extra oomph and their intensity can also be altered.


Coming from the makers of the excellent Pixlr editor, Pixlr-o-matic specializes in giving your photos the vintage treatment. Available for download as an app on your smartphone or as a web version, much like Pixlr, this editor gives you great control over how your images look. There are many presets and filters to choose from, on top of which you can add textures and even a frame as you move forward with your editing process. The overall process of making your photos look vintage is very simple with this program, and its online nature means you can use it whenever you need to without having to download it on your computer.

Vintage Scene

True to its name, Vintage Scene transforms any average photo to one from the era before the advent of Polaroids. It has a number of great looking presets, complete with color fading and textures to ensure the look of a true vintage photo such as sepia tone, distressed edges and grains. You even have the option to save the changes you have made to a preset and save them for later use. A great app for professionals and hobbyists alike, the effects are so real that you may dupe a novice into thinking you are a time-traveler.


If being surrounded by so many filters confuses you and a few select options are your thing, then Retrica is the app for you. Its ability to give vintage vibes in a user-friendly way has gained it quite a lot of popularity. The vintage effects it offers are reminiscent of old films, the silent era and some great features like color fading and light leaks.

It is a great option for those who are editing beginners, with its easy-to-use interface and a bunch of really cool retro filters.


Straight and to the point, 1967 offers a clutter-free way for users to add vintage effects to their photos. All 64 vintage film presets it offers are unique in their own way, while the interface is elegant and minimalistic.

You have the option to change the level of intensity for each filter, and once done, they can be uploaded to your favorite social media app with a single tap. There’s no funny business when it comes to this app – just clean and simple editing to achieve profound results.