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Photo editors these days can be found in every nook and cranny of the internet. Everyone claims to have designed the best new image editor that will take over the world of photo editing overnight. However, many of these fail miserably. Sometimes, even those editors that live solely on the internet and don’t need to be downloaded perform better than those with large sizes and hefty system requirements.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best editors that can help you add creative effects to your photos online.


PicMonkey – For the Fun Loving

Need an online editor to change the color scheme of a photo? How about turning it into a vintage style black and white one, complete with a rounded background? PicMonkey is loaded with so many options for adding photo effects to your pictures online that you will need a good amount of time to decide which one you should use. You can add the coolest filters to your photos with just a click, and even tweak the intensity to your liking. Layer them on in any way you like with PicMonkey’s user-friendly interface. You can even do touch-ups on your selfies, ranging from teeth whitening, getting rid of pimples and blemishes and smoothing out wrinkles. You can choose from a variety of the coolest texts to add your photos, in whatever color you like and even add a drop shadow for that added oomph!

Pixlr – For the Serious Editor

Pixlr is filled with heaps of tools for adding photo effects online. Its simple interface is easy on the eyes and you can maximize it to a full screen view, making it simple to use. Pixlr gives you the power to move around layers, tools and many other settings, so you can craft your very own space for working. You have several filters to choose from, ranging from ones that slightly change the color of your photo to others that even tweak the exposure for you. Pixlr’s photo effects come with useful tools like layers and image adjustments in addition to an awesome range of filters. After you’re done adding all the photo effects you like, can upload them onto the web.

Fotor – For an All-Round Experience

Fotor’s ease of use lets you edit photos so not only can you can enhance a picture by adding effects with a single click, but also choose any of the detailed editing tasks to apply the particular changes you want. Its elementary range of tools includes the likes of curves, temperature control, saturation and brightness control, and much more. You can add several effects to your image like tiles, vintage effects, classic black and white, and several other funky, colorful options. Fotor also gives you the option to add stickers, text and borders to your photos. And by paying a small fees and joining the Fotor community, you get access to several addition cool tools only members can access. After you’ve edited your photo, you can save it to your PC or share in online.

PiZap – For a Different Aesthetic

PiZap is available on both Flash and HTML5 and is completely free, so you can use it on pretty much any device. Its dark, modern interface is designed in a way that you can adjust it however you like; moving around the icons and drop-down menus to your liking is easy. Even though some of its clipart is a little cheesy, its cool cartoon aesthetic is a breath of fresh air, coupled with its meme tool that lets you add text to the top and bottom of your photos. It has a huge variety of filters to choose from no matter what your aesthetic, making it a great choice for adding photo effects online.

So as you can see, you can get a lot of effects for your photos just through your browser, for free. While there are some excellent editors like Luminar available to download, some people just don’t like the hassle of adding a new program to their computers. For those, online photo editors are the best thing that ever happened to photography and the ones mentioned here are some of the best they can use.

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