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In the age where sharing every bit of your life on social media is so normal, uploading an unedited image on your Facebook or Instagram account seems careless and dull. Who doesn’t love some great applications to play around with and give a boring old photograph a creative makeover? However, there are so many options that you can easily get confused by them. No need to worry though, because we have sorted out some the best photo effects apps known to man.


VSCO – for Film Effects

VSCO is a cool option for achieving the same effects as a professional photographer might by using Adobe Lightroom. Other than providing some seriously kick-ass filters and presets, it also lets you look at the work of other photographers and show your own edited photos to others. This way not only can you inspire others, you can also be inspired from them.

VSCO has a number of free filters available as well as ones you can buy for very low prices and you can alter the intensity of the filters to your liking. To keep things fresh, VSCO introduces new filters every month so you can be sure of having access to the best photo effects.

Halide – for Manual Options

Photography on mobile phones is fun, but do you ever miss using an actual camera? This photo app works like a simple point and shoot camera , but with a single swipe you have access to a ton of amazing manual options, providing you with control over several options like focus, ISO and shutter speed. Not only this, but you have access to a live histogram so you can set the optimum exposure for your scene. You can also look back at your photos like on Tinder, and just by swiping right swipe you can add them to your favorites folder in your gallery, and a left swipe to delete them. Moreover, Halide also works with RAW images to provide the best quality of images.

PicMonkey – for the Fun Stuff

Previously known as Picnik, PicMonkey has since come a long way and matured through the years. This app lets you add photo effects that range from classic black and white, to vintage effects, selective coloring, Polaroid photos, and so much more in a single tap. You can even do touch up on your selfies with options like teeth whitening, eye brightening, smoothing out wrinkles and eradicating those pesky blemishes without a trip to a dentist or the cosmetic store.

Choose from a library of several cool fonts to go over your image, and even change the color, transparency and orientation of your text. PicMonkey also offers a variety of the best stickers to add a little something extra to your pictures.

Instagram – for Subtle Editing

Even if you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Instagram still might not have slipped your notice. Easy to use with its minimalistic black and white interface, all you have to do is choose a photo from your gallery, and pass it through Instagram’s exciting range of filters. Simply add all the photo affects that you want, and upload your photo. Instagram displays it on your very own Instagram page so all your followers know as soon as you upload.

All of these apps provide fun and simple ways to edit your photos with effects on your phone. However, if you ever feel like you need to step your editing game up a notch, then Luminar is one of the very best image editors you can use on your computer. It has a simple interface so newbies can also start using it without a hassle. What’s more, it even has a plethora of filters and effects just like the apps mentioned but only much more improved and customizable.

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