Photo Funny Effects

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There are times when one gets stuck in awkward silence at large family gatherings, at a party with friends, or even when we are alone by ourselves. Lack of conversation can invoke boredom like nothing else, and there’s nothing like a fun photo app to help pass time or for a few laughs.

The never ending advances in smartphone technology has brought to us many applications that can make these entertaining tasks very easy. In this article, we will share some of the best apps that can help you take photos with funny effects, or edit old ones to look funny, so you can pass the time.

Photo Warp

An app that lets you distort your features while letting you stay recognizable is bound to be a roaring success. With Photo Warp, you can select a certain area of the image and move around the pixels to distort your subject in funny ways.

You can warp a still scene like a landscape or a building, or go crazy with yours or someone else’s face. The really cool thing about this app is that not only is it just a fun way to mess around with your friends but it can also be used to create realistic caricatures if there’s a hidden artist inside you.


Ever wondered what you would have looked like if you had attended High School in another era? Well now you can find out for yourself with this really fun app. All you have to do is upload a portrait photo and OldBooth gives you a wide range of effects to choose from. It fixes the lighting and texture of your photo and meshes everything into a realistic looking photograph in a completely ridiculous get-up.

The app comes with over 200 built-in yearbook photos as well as the option to save and share your results on various social media platforms. It’s a great way to have fun whether you are with friends or family.

iSwap Faces

While other apps let you add different kinds of effect to your faces, this one goes the extra mile by letting you swap two people’s faces. After uploading a picture of two people, iSwap Faces lets you place masks over their faces, which can be removed and placed on another person’s face. It also lets you post your photos on Facebook and Twitter so you and your friends can have a laugh both in real life and online.


This is one app to top all other fun camera apps. Originally meant to be an app to send disappearing photos, Snapchat has turned into so much more. Just by tapping on your face in selfie mode, you can access a number of fun photo filters. These include face-warping, flower-crowns, and the popular dog filter that gives you dog ears and a big tongue. It even lets you swap your face with either a photo or with a friend in real time.

Snapchat seems to be gaining more and more popularity by the day and these fun filters seem to be the reason why. You can send your photos to any number of friends and even save them for later use.

Fun Camera

Funny camera is a simple and easy to use app for a quick laugh. It lets you overlay real-time effects over your photos. The resulting photo can be used as conclusive proof that you have superpowers, with elements like fountains and fireballs among many others. It even includes the option to combine the unedited photo with the edited one, as well as adding captions for even more fun.