Cool Photo Effects

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The digital age has opened up new horizons for photographers all around the world. We now have cameras that can zoom onto objects at amazing distances or even fly to the object itself! Such development in technology which is available to everyone has enabled a major increase in photographers all around the world. However, it also creates a lot of competition and awareness among photographers all around the world. Photography has less margin for errors and calls upon much more detail in terms of lighting, values, textures and composition, to name a few.

Photographs now have to be perfect and even after accounting for all the aspects mentioned formerly, there is still a few secret ingredients one can use to make that picture look stunning. For this very reason, photo editors like Luminar have developed many cool photo effects that can be used to take your photos to the next level with ease. Let’s take a look at some of the best such presets and tools that you can use in Luminar to elevate your photos.

The Golden Hour

golden hour effect

Ever wondered why most photographers head out immediately after sunrise or before sunset? The golden hour is described as a time period that takes place briefly after sunrise or before it sets. During this time, the light is redder and much more diffused as compared to the rest of the day. However, it is not always possible for photographer to take their heavy gear and go out during this hour. For those photographers, Luminar is there for the rescue.

In Luminar, the golden hour effect can be used to add warmth and overall exposure to a photograph that has come out dark. It can also be added to a bland midday shot to add that extra vibrancy. Luminar includes sliders to adjust the intensity of the effect, so you can tweak it just the way you want.

golden hour in luminar

Sky Enhancer

If you’ve ever taken a photo which looks great but is letdown by how blown out or boring the sky looks, this tool is for you. It is all about enhancing the sky in your shot, and it does so quite effectively.

Using the effect, you will be able to control how much contrast, exposure, and warmth is seen in the sky. It will help you bring out details from those blown out highlights as best it can without making the image look like an artificial mess. You also have a nifty orientation control which can be used to eke out even more detail from the sky and make it look just the way you want.

The Orton Effect

Of the many crazy filters in Luminar, the Orton Effect establishes a surreal outcome that can improve both portrait and landscape photos. What it does is that it adds a faint glow to a photo, making it slightly blurry in some areas and sharp in others.

orton effect

This can be a complicated task to achieve in something like Adobe Photoshop, but the developers at Luminar have made it into a fairly simple to use effect. All that you need to do is select the Orton Effect tool and adjust the slider to your aesthetic sense. You can set how much glow and saturation the image should have with the help of these sliders, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing image in a matter of minutes.

orton look photography